DVR-111D and Format

What format is recommended with Pioneer DVR-111D:




Specifically, how does it like Taiyo Yuden media DVD+R: YUDEN00T02 and DVD-R: TYG02?

The only thing I feed my 2 Pioneer 111L’s is TY +R TO2’s and they love them. Actually
these were both 111D’s but they have been crossflashed to 111L’s. My scans with Nero
have been 98s and 99s.

Short extract from the review:

Brand: Sony

Manufacturer: Taiyo Yuden

Code: YUDEN000 T02

Disc Type: DVD+R

Capacity: 4483MB

Certified Speed: 8x

Write Speed: 12x

Write Time: 7m:16s

PI-8 errors Average/Sec: 0.63

PI-1 failures (PIF) Avg/Sec: 0.00

A spectacular 12x burn as expected from Taiyo Yuden media. Highly recommended!

Brand: Fujifilm

Manufacturer: Taiyo Yuden

Code: TYG02

Disc Type: DVD-R

Capacity: 4489MB

Certified Speed: 8x

Write Speed: 12x

Write Time: 7m:07s

PI-8 errors Average/Sec: 3.95

PI-1 failures (PIF) Avg/Sec: 0.00

As expected from Taiyo Yuden media: excellent write quality even at 12x speed!

We can add Verbatim MCC 004 +R 16X.
Scans can be good to excellent depending on batches but never a problem with them.

Differently to Benq drives, the Pioneer 111 writes TY G02 faster than Yuden T02.
At 12X, 7mn 05 on TY G02 and 7mn 20 on Yuden T02.
Quality is same on both.

Excellent news on TY media, thanks!

What speeds above 8X can 8X media be burned at, without sacrificing quality? What speed is recommended for 8X TY media?

8x should be the best choice, maybe even 12x would give good results.

I ended up writing only at 12X on TY 8X media after having seen how safe the Pio can write them at 12X.

YMMV of course.