Dvr-111d 8.25

I completely agree, and it’s one reason I’m a bit surprised to see the function there.

Here too. I hope this “feature” will not generate more trouble than it could solve…

what is the procedure to flash to 8.35 ?

anyone else have problems flashing to 8.25?? I followed the instructions on tdb’s forum, flashing back to 1.06, then flashing to 8.25, but it still does not find the drive! :sad:

I didn’t have any luck flashing to 8.25 except via 8.19. I first went from 1.23 back to 111D 1.06, then 8.19 and finally 8.25. That worked like a charm! :smiley:

We don’t have a forum, perhaps you are talking about, anyway try citing specific posts.

We suspect you are confusing the array of posts for other OEM models.

Why would you need to flash to 1.06? If you have 8.19 on it already you can flash directly to 8.25 from there. If you have 1.xx series firmware you would need to cross flash to 8.19 and then to 8.25

Specifically, you cannot cross flash with the Pioneer Flashers, you know, the ones that have the UPGxxx.EXE file, and a couple of firmware binaries. You can only cross flash with our monolithic EXE+Firmware. Our flasher is provided in the initial firmware releases. Subsequent releases use the Pioneer flasher, that while patched to allow same-on-same, and RPC1 flashing, will not allow the drive to be cross flashed. Once a drive is cross flashed it becomes the other model.

Brother Vlad

So is it not possible to go from 8.25 to the original Pioneer 1.23 firmware? Right now, I need to go back to firmware 1.23. I have tried flashing to TDBs 1.06 and then loaded 1.23, it wouldnt allow me to. Any hints?


Ok so you have it flashed with 1.06 RPC1?

You need to take the patched flasher from the 1.23 RPC1 package, and the firmware binaries from the stock 1.23 package. Run the patched flasher.

Brother Vlad

WOW TDB!! It works wonderfully :slight_smile:


I know you are not a fan, but I have 3 players that refuse to die that absolutely need bitsetting. What problem could bitsetting cause?

The trouble with re-using RW media, simply spoken. :wink:

my 111D refused to be flashed with 8.25

as suggested in previous post, I have used 8.06 first, 9.19 after, all is ok
but the burner is not recognized by 8.25

Does it run in UDMA4 mode?

Does it really??

I have to check if some trouble could have modify the UDMA … but I don t think

FFS, the procedure is 8.19 and then 8.25, if you use 8.19 INT you have to use 8.25 INT, same with the EXT versions. The Pioneer flasher does not support cross flashing, when ever the model/OEM are different you are cross flashing.

Brother Vlad

Make sure you are using TDB f/w ONLY for the 111D. The route I followed worked perfectly for me: 1.06 -> 8.19 INT -> 8.25 INT. Going back to 1.06 may not be necessary for everybody, but it was the only way I was able to get from 1.23 to 8.25.

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t see Bro. Vlad’s post before I posted this.

thanks TDB, I had 8.19 for the ‘L’ drive loaded, I didn’t realized I needed 8.19 for the ‘D’ drive. :o :slight_smile:

CORRECTION!!! It seems the 8.25 f/w does NOT cause DVD+RWs to be burned as DVD-ROMs after all. It was pointed out that the +RW I used must have been a DVD-ROM before I burned it in my 111D. I rechecked with a confirmed DVD+RW and it remained that way after another 111D burn.

I suspect a DVD recorder I’ve used that disc in to record some TV programs may have converted the booktype.

Sorry if I misled anybody. It wasn’t intentional.

I have already posted this question but I’m still not convinced! Does anyone own a Pioneer DVR-111 (w/o the D) and can this drive be cross flashed to a Pioneer DVR-111L and if so how?!

I can confirm that, because this could be a very useful option for me.

My Pioneer dv470 dvd player don´t recognize dvd+rw 8x (it do with +rw 4X), and this feature can make them works.

I test all firmwares from TDB and none of them have it. And with the 8.25 Buffalo firmware, the only way i find to load it in the 111d, is with the UPR11DOI.EXE from 8.25 TDB firmware, and don´t have this feature either.

If this is very simple to implement, i hope in future firmware can include this feature.