Dvr-111d 8.25



Thank you!


anyone speak Japanesse? to search their site if they have a new firmware for 111L?

it is for 111L from buffalo…

but 111L from buffalo is dvsmxl516fb…

no its not, its 111d

this firmware is for 111D models only

These are the pages you are looking for and no, not yet.

IIRC, the 111L equivalent is Buffalo model DVSM-XL516, firmware listed is still v8.19.

nothing for 111L yet

[Edit:] Found my answer from my Pioneer FAQ!


Can’t wait the L variant. After these we have to wait for Ala to update his MSCE program so we can remove riplock. Going to be a little while yet before I can see this goodness on my drive. Until then I will stick with 8.19.

What does the “8” in the version number signify?

The firmware is from Buffalo. They replace the ‘1’ from the official Pioneer firmware to an ‘8’ to signify the difference of company. The end numbers are nearly always the same as is the changelog. The firmwares are usually the same except for the extra perks each company offers in their own offering such as no riplock and quietdrive for the official pioneer and auto bitsetting and labelflash from the Buffalo variant.

I have no clue why they chose an ‘8’ but they did. Perhaps it has to do with the beliefs of 8 being a very lucky/prosperous number to the asian community?

aha thanks :slight_smile:

8 would just mean any OEM firmware, so would the Piodata have this one too, and the Acer…

I hope TDB applies their patcher so that we can use it. :smiley:

edit, they already made it :smiley: its on their page.

It’s been there for a day or so. I’ve already downloaded and installed it. Has autobitsetting for the 111D!

Many thanks to TDB!!! :bow:

We now need Ala42 to do his bit so that we can use our favored strategy swaps.

Ok i know this sounds silly but apart from bitsetting on the 8.25 is there any other difference i.e better cd writing more media accepted etc ??

Not silly at all. I haven’t found anything else, but there could be some changes. I’m guessing Buffalo may have tweaked something in this f/w version to name it 8.25 rather than 8.23. But that’s no more than a guess.

Surprising that 8.25’s autobitsetting burns +RWs as DVD-ROM as well as +Rs.

IMHO bitsetting to DVD-ROM for DVD+RW media isn’t a big deal. Most newer dvd players are capable of playing back +RW media. For older 1st & 2nd generation dvd players +R playback was not capable at all. Some older Panasonic dvd players couldn’t playback a single layer DVD+R disc even it it was booktyped to DVD-ROM. I only see bitsetting to DVD-ROM for DVD+RW media favorable if your dvd player isn’t capable to play them in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue: