DVR-111C (R200) vs DVR-112D

The Fry’s near where I live have a load of DVR-R200 on the shelves - both beige and black, priced at $69.99 - $20 MIR = $49.99 AR.

I came across an earlier thread on this forum saying how this drive is hard to find etc. This is supposedly the retail version of the 111C.

Alternatively, I can get the DVR-112D from Newegg for less than $37 shipped.

Is there any reason to pay an extra $17 (counting sales tax) to get the 111C at Fry’s vs the 112D at Newegg?

I think Lightscribe may come in handy occasionally, like several times a year. Other than that, does the 111C do anything that the 112D cannot do?

Thanks for any comments/suggestion.

I would love to get an 111C - even just for testing…

The DVR-111C does DVD-RAM write, but then again so does a DVR-111D using DVR-111L firmware! :slight_smile:


111 is slightly better than 112 burning quality wise IMO , add to that LS capability and it is an excellent high quality burner .
My 111L still impresses me :slight_smile: