DVR-111C and Retrospect

The DVR-111 is listed as compatible with Retrospect on EMC’s website. I bought a new DVR-111C (DVR-200R packaging) at Fry’s (Austin TX) and it works well except that Retrospect refuses to use it at all (Cannot configure). I’ve been unable to locate firmware/drivers on Pioneer’s website. Anyone know where the current versions are downloadable?

@ jhg,

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The Pioneer DVR-111C comes with factory installed Firmware and this factory installed Firmware is sufficient for use in all configurations. The Pioneer DVR-111 DVD Drive uses native Operating System divers and doesn’t require any “special” drivers.

Your problem is not a Pioneer DVR-111C DVD Drive problem but an EMC Retrospect Software problem. Suggest contacting the EMC Insignia software Company for assistance with their Retrospect Software.