DVR 111BK problem


I have just installed my dvr111bk. It works fine with data disks but when i try and play a music cd it crashes the computer. Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance

Hi & welcome to CD Freaks.

What app are you using to play the CD? Is it an MP3 disc or regular Audio CD?

Thanks for reply. I am using a regular audio cd. Trying to play it using jet audio.

benney50 -

Is this particular Audio CD that “crashes” your computer an original Commercial Audio CD or a backup copy? What is the Name/Title of this particular Audio CD? What is version number of Jet Audio that you are using?

Have you used a diagnostic program similar to Nero CD-DVD Speed and performed a ScanDisc surface scan and ensured that this particular Audio CD doesn’t contain any errors that might possible cause your problem?


I assume that the 111 is on an 80wire IDE cable & set as master on the end connector & that the DMA transfer mode is Ultra DMA mode 4.

Perhaps try another audio player as a test.

It is a commercial cd (mos spring 2001 annual). I am using the latest free version of Jet Audio. I havent used a diagnostic, but it happened on a different cd

It is on the right ide cable+set as master.
How do i check that the Ultra DMA transfer is mode 4?
I have tried another audio player :frowning:

Here’s a link that can help you: