Does the DVR-111 reviewed have lightscribe? I’ve never heard of lightscribe before but it sounds really cool.

Please advise.



Nope it doesnt.


Hmmm… That stinks. Are there any alternatives to lighscribe?




LOL… I was just looking for an alternative… decent label makers? etc.


an epson printer that prints onto the discs. I’ve got an Epson R340 and its brilliant.


Yep, a cd/DVD label printer combined with printable media is the perfect combination.

Lightscribe has it’s fans and also Labelflash has it’s fans, but if you constantly want to use labelling, go the printer path.


Thanks for your help guys! One question, is there good printable media available?


Of course, lots of media from Verbatim, TY (Taiyo Yuden) and others.

You may have a look at


Hi everyones. Thanks to read.
Is there’s any known problem with cd/dvd labels, when applied with a good applicator tool like the CD Stomper pro?


Take a look at the thread [B]Sticky paper labels on DVD+/-R discs: beware![/B] in the [I]Media forum[/I].

Welcome to the forums, btw. :smiley:



Interesting thread. Glad i didn’t bought any labels yet! :smiley: Thanks a lot.