DVR 111 Trouble




 Looks like my dvr111 has started to die. it's burning fine but it's recognizing every media as 4X max. However, when inserted multiple times, it's showing the right burn speed. did anyone notice this.


Get better/other media and try again.


tried multiple ones same problem with all 16X ones. 8x are fine.


Then connect the drive else or test it in another computer.


will external case do?


Into another computer is more safe mostly, but you could test withan external, of course.


Im extremely sorry about the late reply, been kind of busy. Tried in a different computer but it’s doing the same thing. It actually spins really fast when it recognizes the disc to be 16X otherwise it just spins a little. I replaced the board to a different dvr-111 that I have and it did the seme thing. I think something on the board is not functioning, like a capacitor or something.


I think it is normal that it spins up (even fast) during recognition of the media/type and its status.


Exactly when it recognizes the disc to be 16X it spins really fast. however, when it does it as 4X it spins very slowly. However, the read speed is unaffected and cd’s are just fine.