DVR-111 to 111L DVD-R Writing Problem

I have my DVD-111D flashed to a 111L and I am having problems with the TYG03’s I am using. When scanned with Cd-Speed they look good, but they will not play in anything. I have used my home units, a portable, computer etc and they will not even try to play. All the +r’s i have used seem to work OK. One thing that I have noticed is in the disc info box on CD Speed the DVD label and the date is screwed up on the ones that will not play. Please see my attached scan. Buns are done with 1click DVD copy pro set to 8x.

Maybe your problem is not the TYG03 media, but your software. Possibly during the reencoding process went something wrong. To test this you can do a straight copy (without reencoding) of one of your working +R Video DVDs on a TYG03. If that TYG03 works it was not the media. With my Pioneer I have no problem with TYG03, but it is not the best media for the Pioneer.

I used several different dvd-rw’s and have the same problem. It only has a problem when using anything -R. I changed to a different program and it burnt fine. So it looks like a 1click DVD software problem. My other three drives work fine so, I will just avoid -R DVD’s with the Pioneer and 1click until I resolve the problem.

Most of my -R had failed instantly but not +R 10 outta 10 none has failed. Using CloneDVD2 same burn process.

-R sucks for the PIOs.

I meant when burn with Pioneer DVR111L -R is always failed but not with +R . But DL+ is very nice. So I guess can’t win them all.

Blame the software you are using, clearly.

-R is fine for all my drives but DVR111L same burn same program but DVR111L failed on -R. Nothing’s major I just want to mention it that’s all. I burn -R with 3 other drives and use Pioneer DVR111 to burn DL+. :iagree:

Is the Pioneer really that bad when it comes to -R media?
Isn’t this fixed with firmware version 1.29? :sad:

I can’t say this from my Pioneer 111. Overall he likes +R more but -R is ok too. TYG03 average , MCC03RG20 good, TYG02 perfect one of the best mids for the 111.

My TY G02 burns are great but somewhat slower than Yuden T02 : 7mn instead of 6mn 30 in general.
at 12X

What firmware are you guys using? I am using 8.26 INT for the 111L.
I really like it, but I don’t know if this is okay for -R.
I really like the autobitsetting for +R and +RW, so I’d rather not change to 1.29, but if the quality for -R is so much better, than I will consider a reflash.

1.23 and now 1.29, I don’t try 8.26, but I think it is based on 1.23 so it should not make a difference.

My 111L with TDB 8.26 burns with no problem using Nero to burn even Ritek GO5 which is widely known not good -R media, and problems likely lie with software as already stated by others.

I had just tiny tiny bit of problem with Ritek G05. My Pioneer DVR111L has a hard time detects GO5 but as soon as it detects disc it will burn with no problem. But when I use Sony-R Pioneer DVR111L detects disc immediately but fails miserably at finalizing.

It’s both mediocre quality media…