DVR-111 rip speed

Can anyone advise if DVR-111 is a good choice for high rip speed?

That depends on the used media and it’s general quality…

I am using only Verbatim DVD-R/RW 16x/6X and CD-R/RW 52x/32x.

Most people’s concerns about rip speed center around ripping commercial DVDs. Recordable media without CSS should rip even quicker. The 111 appears to have no rip lock, so it would be classified as a fast ripper.

It rips noticeably faster than my NEC-2500A or my LiteOn HD166S on burnt media (those are both 2004 models). Whether it is slightly faster or slower than another brand of 2006 product is another question.

Don’t worry, the pio 111(D) is a mega fast ripper!!! I love this drive for ripping my movies!

Thanks a lot all of you!