DVR-111 & DriveSpeed



Have seen people saying that the DVR-111 and Nero DriveSpeed don’t work together.

However it has been suggested to me the problem is with rebadged Asus drives, not Pioneer’s own.

What’s the truth? Does DriveSpeed work with your DVR-111?

I’m considering buying the DVR-111 and definitely want to slow it down.




take a look at this thread:


Works on mine!
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relkean heart, that’s where I got people saying DriveSpeed deosn’t work.

etp, thanks, but I’m in the UK.




Already answered you here:


Got the DVR-111D and it’s working.

In DriveSpeed I’m getting the option of maximum and 24X for CD. The boxes for DVD and Spin Down Time are greyed out.

Is this what are others seeing?

Thank you.

Drive Speed 3.06 and firmware 1.23.


use CD/DVD SPEED version 4.51


Thanks, but that measures the drive’s speed, I want to set it.


Then install ASPI. Drivespeed usually works with this drive, period.


Thanks, have used forceaspi. 4.60 is installed and working, but DriveSpeed is the same.