DVR-111 Best Disc

Hi all,

Bought a DVR-111 recently, and have had a few crappy results with cheap media (who would have thought?) :rolleyes:

I’m looking to get the best quality DVD-R’s to use in my PS2 cos the lasers are crappy in these things.

So any recommendations on which media ID I should be looking for to use in the 111?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve been getting great burns with Verbatim’s,
both -R and +R DL

Try to stay away from the Made in India Verbatim’s

Indeed, i have a lot of india verbatims, (100) AND THEY SUCK!!! ONLY SHIT BURNS!!! :a :a :a :a :sad: :a :Z :Z

For benq and pioneer!!!

My -R Verbatim’s are made in Taiwan and my +R DL Verbatim’s were made in Singapore


Thanks for the replies,
could you tell me the media codes of the good and bad verbatims?
The site I buy off lists the media codes, so I can get the right ones.

I’m having the best results on the 111D with Taiyo Yuden - TYG02 mid - 8x DVD-Rs:

Currently US$26.99 for 100 at:

I burn those at 6x (half speed) in my 111D, but the firmware will allow you to burn it at up to 12x.

Made in Japan, IIRC.

Regardless of the place of origin ( India, Singapore, Taiwan) all verbatims blanks have the same media code (MCC02RG20 for DVD-R 16x and MCC004 for DVD+R 16x) and the same packaging. The ones aviable in my country are made in India and Taiwan and the indian flavour ones are crap.

Do you chose to burn your discs at 6X or is that all the drive wiill allow you to burn at? Have you tried 8x or 12x?

This MCC 004 below is not crap, but so far MCC02RG20 fall short of being a 16x disc imo with Taiwan slightly better than India @ 12x.

On the subject of 16x burning I’ve yet to see it in Prassi ONES it seems to override my setting and drop to 12x.

Choose. (Half of the top-rated speed)

My best guess for overall quality, based on various pieces of information posted on this site (I don’t have a drive that is a good scanner).

On the subject of 16x burning I’ve yet to see it in Prassi ONES it seems to override my setting and drop to 12x.
The Prassi Ones has two different readouts for speed - if you double-click right about the speed, it changes it from averaged speed to current speed.

Ones gives me choices that are all the speeds available in the firmware, plus MAX, MED and MIN. If you are selecting MAX and get 12x, then perhaps the firmware does not have a 16x choice for that disk (ie for that MID code).

Teaching your grandma to suck eggs :wink: I’ve been using it since it was launched in November 2004 the selected speed was 16x as you say if its not available it doesn’t appear unlike ImgBurn for example, but ImgBurn does what I tell it to do :cop:

Without a doubt: Taiyo Yuden (TYG02) - burns at 12x with excellent results.
After Vebatim outsourced to CMC and MBI their quality has dropped a bit.

Verbatim -R (16X) MCC 03RG20
Verbatim +R DL (2.4) MKM 001 (000) this says 2.4 but has a sticker that says burns at up to 8X and it did burn at 8X on my machine.

Seems all media codes are not the same

Thanks for all the info.

I’ve gone and ordered 100 Taiyo Yuden TYG02’s, they seem to have a very good reputation.
Ordered some cheaper discs with TTH02 dye also, as some people were saying these gave good burns on the DVR-111 on other threads.

I’ll give them a shot anyways.

Thanks again.

Well its Taiyo Yudens only for me now, I take it all back even my India MCC 004 are no good. Some of the discs have a ring in the dye @ the 3.5GB mark. I going to do a shoot out between my 1650 & 111 with these turds. So far 1-0 to Pioneer.