besides the 111 being a RAM reader/writer and the 111D reader only, are there any other major diffrences? which is considered the best? also are they totaly cross flashable? I have checked up which firmware seams the most popular but can’t find any referance to which does what, thanks

They are crossflashable.
The 111 is better than the 111D, but the 111L comes with bitsetting and LabelFlash too in addition to DVD-RAM writing, so the 111L is the best. :slight_smile:

Hi, haven’t been here in a while. Nice to be back. I too just bought a DVR-710, which I think i the 111D. If it would not be too much of an inconvinience, would you please list a link to the firmware needed to crossflash my 710 to the 111L. TIA


thanks from me to, which discs do I need to do the Labelflash.

LF discs for the labelside, any dvd for the data side.