DVR-111 1.29 with TDK DVD

Media TDKG02000000 and TTH02
both from TDK…
only 1x and 2x max writing speed…
please help.

using PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-111 1.29

Sounds like your drive is in PIO Mode. Use this link on how to set to DMA mode:

If you have problems in enabling DMA mode use this link:

in ultra DMA mode already.

IBG file

It requires UDMA 4 mode.

i borrow some other DVD (not TDK) which can burn at 16x

I am having a simular problem. DVD Decryptor will not burn my disks… i havnt tried 1x or 2x but i have 8x burning, it starts and stops after 1 minute using tdk disks