DVR-110D won't burn CDs

I have problem my brand new (bought yesterday) Pioneer DVR-110D won’t burn CDs, nor it will read CDs; with DVDs everything is OK. When I bought it it just did not want to burn CDs, but when I have flashed firmware (I have downloaded it from official web site) to v.1.37 it have stoped even reading CDs. Can somebody help me?
By the way; I have AMD Duron@700 MHz based computer on ASUS A7V-E motherboard with VIA KT133 chipset, runing WinXP with SP1, and Nero, and Alcohol 120% 1.9.5 Build 3105, and BlindWrite When writeing CDs they all stuck at Lead-In. Alcohol 120% recognises all medias I have tried corectly: Tayo Yuden, Princo, Verbatim and HP. I have tried to set ATA/ATAPI to PIO only, but it does not help :frowning: Should I just wait for new firmware, or there is solution?

Skip this Alcohol software, then try again.