DVR-110D won't burn 4X disks at 4X speed

I have had no problems with my 106D burner, but upgraded because it did not support 8X DVD-Rs or higher. I now find that with my new 110D burner, I cannot burn 4X DVD-Rs at 4X speed without error, but I can burn them at 2X speed. Nero 6 appears to burn it OK at 4X speed, but on trying to read it afterwards, the drive hangs. It appears to write 8X DVD-Rs at both 4X and 8X speeds OK, however.

I also find that I cannot burn a 1-4X CD-RW at 4X speed, but after erasing it, I can burn it at 2X speed. I get the same problem that it appears to burn OK at 4X speed, but the drive hangs when trying to read it.

I have upgraded the firmware to version 1.17 with no apparent effect.

Does anyone else have this problem?

What kind of media are you working with?

I am using Shintaro inkjet printable DVD-R and the CD-RW is Princo.
I have burnt over 100 Shintaro DVDs using either Nero or Pinnacle Studio without any significant problems using the older burner.

Shintaro = Princo = crap!
Get some better media.

OK, but that doesn’t answer why my Pioneer 106D will burn crap OK, but my 110D won’t!

I was really hoping other people would advise whether they have the same problem or not at 4X speed, to see whether I have a faulty unit or not.

Obviously the 110D is a more discriminating burner. There, we’ve solved one of the great mysteries of the universe.
Now, get on with it and buy some decent media.