DVR-110D with USB2.0 to IDE Cable

Has anybody tried connecting their 108, 109 or 110 to a USB2.0 to IDE cable?

I’ve tried with a 108 and 110D and both “work” but get the same horrible transfer rate when writing (3.0 - 4.5 X or so).

I’ve seen scattered posts on various forums about this stating that these drives don’t work very well connected via USB2.0. I saw one post from a guy with a 109 and he eventually solved his problem by replacing it with a Liteon.

I won’t have any other brand of writer to test with until after the weekend, but I’m just wondering if anybody’s had success with this or not.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The burst rate on USB2 is horrible… I think I’ve seen mine at about 6 or 7 MB max… You need at least 11mb to burn at 8x… If you want the burner to work at faster speeds you need to use firewire… A enclosure with a prolific chipset will reach 16x burns with some drives…

It’s my understanding that USB2.0 is capable of 480 Mb or 60 MB/s. I mean, they do make 16X external USB2.0 writers and they can’t all be this bad can they? I would be happy with 8X, but surely something’s wrong if my buffer’s all over the place and I’m getting 3 - 4X.

I have tried a number of USB2 enclosures , even liteons own 1673sx on more then one pc and have never got over 8x with it usually burst rate on nero speed is about 12-14mb you need 20-22mb for 16x

I have 2 enclosures that the 110 will burn @ 16X in. One has the Prolific PL-2507 chipset and the other has the PL-3507 chipset. The PL-2507 is USB2 only while the PL-3507 is USB2/Firewire. These enclosure are $30.00 or less. Currently I have a PX-716A in the PL-2507 box and it also runs at full speed.

That 60MB/s is in an ideal situation. I don’t think i have seen anything over 20 MB/s on USB2. Its marketing crap i think… Most of the external 16x burners won’t really reach 16x… I know that the Beng 1621 external(or something similar) can get burst rates at about 20mb/s but it uses a specific firmware to attain that rate.

Like worker said get an external enclosure with a prolific chipset 3507B or C. These are firmware upgradeable so you should be able to get 16x or at least 12x… try I have a plumax one with a prolific chipset and it works well. Shipping usually costs about 7 dollars…

I really don’t want an external enclosure if I can avoid it. I’d like to leave the drive in my case. I have no interest in making it portable or any other reasons that people by enclosures for. Anybody know of a USB to IDE cable that will actually do the job?

All those kind of cables are buggors. It’s true.

Oh my mistake. I thought you were using the USB2 to IDE cable as an external. So you are using this cable on the inside of your system? You don’t have any room on the primary and secondary?

Don’t they have pci cards that allow you to have another IDE connection… Not really sure but I think i have heard of them. You should look into that instead of the USB2.

Actually I’m doing this to allow me to play backups of Starforce protected games that I legally own without having to unplug my opticals.

For the same reason, I did in fact try a PCI IDE controller card and that defeats starforce when you disable it as well. Trouble is, the Promise ATA 133 TX2 model that I have is known for issues with writers connected. Mine can read fine, but fails instantly when attempting to burn.

I guess what I’m looking for is a USB2.0 to IDE cable with a Prolific PL-3507C chipset if such a thing exists, and if not, an IDE controller card that will actually allow me to write.

This controller were only made for the use with harddisks.

anyone has a solution for this kind of situation? I just got a DVR-110 connecting to my notebook thru USB to IDE cable, and It failed on every disc while doing Data Verficiation after burned (burned successfully), failed to write to my DVDRW (some times halted somewhere). I was trying to lower the burning speed but didnt help … anyone provide some solutions besides getting a desktop?

Does Firewire helps? but my notebook only has one 4-pins Firewire.

I’ve tested on my friend’s desktop computer, it burned successfully & verified successfully :frowning:

Firewire might help here, at least it’s way better than USB!

:confused: it cannot be confirmed? or anyone can confirm me? I’ve bought a new USB-IDE cable and the burst rate is around 16± MB, really not sure how fast it works perfectly for such connectivity. Or could it be the problem that DMA is not enabled (cant be enabled in usb)?

How fast in average of a Firewire cable reached?

I use a no name usb2 to IDE cable, branded as ‘unitek’ for my external Pioneer DVR-110. Nero burst test show 26 MB/s, and 16x recording is possible! I use the MS-XP driver for that adapter, and Intel chipset driver (latest revision) for my I865R PC-Chipset and USB.

Paule, the MS-XP driver you meant is the default driver for the adapter once you plugged in your drive the first time?

and Intel chipset driver (latest revision) for my I865R PC-Chipset and USB.
What is this, the USB driver?

I dont really mind the speed reducing, I just hope to get this burner works fine on my laptop.