DVR-110D: searching for the best media!

Hi there guys!

I recently joined this community as I bought my first Pioneer drive: DVR-110D (WITHOUT DVD-RAM writing support). My first tests were really disappointing: with good quality media (DVD-R 16X Verbatim) and burning at only 12X e get high PI ans PO errors. Have you guys tested other media brand with nice results? I need to know because I need data to last for many time, and I believe that with this media-drive combination I won’t achieve it!

Thank you all for the help!
PS: sorry about spelling mistakes!

Taiyo Yuden TYG02. I burn @ 8X or 12X.

Hi there once again!

I was presented with some 4X DVD-R from TUFF DISC and they’re really really bad, latest version from Nero couldn’t read the burn of any of the discs. If you have Pioneer 110D DON’T EVEN TRY!

tuff disc? That has got to be the most ho sung pak sounding disc I have ever heard of. Forget the 110, I don’t think any burner would do justice on those things.

Try burn with dvd+r verbatim 8x /MCC003) or verbatim 16x (MCC004)

Hi, try mcc04 @16x and tyg02/t02 @ 12x

TYG02 isn’t too good on the 110 is it? Much better scores can be found on the 109. HOWEVER, my second favourite media of choice YUDEN000T02 is doing very, very well on the 110. At least as good as the 109 if not better. I really wish we could try and flash the Buffalo 8.22 to the drive because if it enabled bitsetting on +R media I would solely buy these discs alone.

My 110D has given fine results on TYG02 which is why I recommended it in the post above.
Typical result @12X with DVDD:

hmmm those are more like it. Perhaps it was the Philips reader used over your BenQ that gave the slightly off results. 11 over 124.

For MY purposes, the PIONEER 110D and TYG02 is a winning combination in terms of speed, cost and consistency.
Another typical burn:

99% quality score. Cannot go wrong with that. Anyone ever seen a 100% quality score from any drives burn?

wondering if anyone has burned an Ritek G04 discs and have any scans? I need to know how these discs burn in comparison to the 109 which burns them very well. I burn mini G04’s and not be sure the quality is excellent on this drive for this media. Thanks.

Hi there!

Thank you all for your posts! I’m just wondering which brand produces the recommended TYG02… Apart from the results, I have the idea that our 110D does not produce consistent results, am I right? My DVD-R Verbatim 16X are getting almost 200 PI errors and PO averages around 37 witch seems too high… (and I’m referring this drive with the last firmware, 1.22)…

Depends on the drive you’re scanning with … scan with a liteon or Benq. Taiyo Yuden has their own “brand” Taiyo Yuden is the name :-)) Some Verbatim and Fuji are also Taiyo Yuden.