DVR-110D Problem Resolved

if you are having trouble with this drive, try switching it to the slave position instead of the master position…I was getting an I/O device error every time I tried to copy anything from the disc, spent 10+ hours troubleshooting/surfing for an answer till I came across mello newf’s post in this forum about similar problem w/the dvr-109…he reported that switching drive from master to slave fixed his problem and it fixed mine too! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO TAKES THE TIME TO READ THESE POSTS AND TRY TO HELP PEOPLE!!! you saved me alot more hours of tearing my hair out!

Probably this is only specific for some mobos or drivers. Normally MASTER should be the choice. :wink:

must be bios’s cmos setting.

when you declare no drive on bios’s cmos setting, sometimes there are some weird problems can happen.

check the bios’s cmos setting & make sure every channels have an auto detect setting

Ditto! Very strange! May be a hardware conflict on the master side of resources!