DVR 110D Makes PC crash when burning

Someone please help!!! I’m having problems with my new Pioneer DVR 110D. I’m trying to burn with either Nero 6 or DVD Shrink but it just crashes the computer after a few seconds ruining endless DVDs. I’ve updated to firmware 1.22 but still get the same problems. Is it a conflict problem or have I just bought an expensive coaster maker? Thank in advance.

are you using the standard microsoft ide drivers? (if you dont know run nero infotool goto configuration tab and left click “primary ide channel” look down)

do you have dla or incd? (packet writing software) if you do then uninstall

could be the psu , get sandra click here goto “mainboard information” the voltages are shown under “voltage sensors” down in the middle,write em or take a screenshot

the power plug thats connected to the drive (molex) comes directly from the psu or via a splitter?

It says i’m using system32\DRIVERS\atapi.sys Sandra didn’t work for some reason and as for dla or incd I don’t know what that is and whether I’ve got it or not. Sorry. Still successfully making coasters though.

thats the microsoft ide driver , your user account have administrative privileges? might be related anyway try speedfan click here , what about the last question in my previous reply?

Still successfully making coasters though.
that confuses me , on first post you said the pc “crashes” think you meant restart but now you say its “successfully making coasters” which makes me wonder if you just meant the burning process fails in the firstplace

No sorry the pc does crash rather than just fail to write. The power is conected in parallel using same supply as with CD/Rw(the usual way). I do have admin privelages. Thanks for the help.

downloaded speedfan successfully.

Try to set the burner to UDMA2 mode. It solved all my problems, though my 110D is connected via a SI0680 PCI IDE RAID card.

What’s that supposed to mean? “ruining endless DVDs” and Shrink is no burning program anyway.

Is there some BSOD, logfile, errormessage, anything?
What does the Even-Viewer shows as info?

It’s supposed to mean what it says chef, hence my use of the english language. I may not be upto scratch with DVD type stuff but don’t talk to me like I’m at the shallow end of the gene pool. Thanks for your input. Feel free to abuse someone that will allow your condescention.

So, is there some info in the Event-Viewer to find? Or a BSOD with specific info (code)?
Sorry if that prior post bothered you, english is not my native language.

It doesn’t provide any messages. It just crashes. Just like if I had hit the reset button. But this only happens on burning. It reads, plays and copy’s fine.
Sorry to snap at you chef. I’m at my wits end over this silly thing.

Some stuff to check:
Nero latest version?
Connected using a 80wire cable and in UDMA4 mode and correctly jumpered?
Tried with different media at various speeds?
Could you use DVDDecrypter and make a test-burn?

Do you have any virtual drives installed or copy protection removing software (Alcohol, CloneCD, etc)? Try to uninstall every kind of copying, burning app and then reinstall latest Nero 6.
If it doesn’t help try to set your burner back to UDMA2 mode. If it still crashes return it to the store you purchased.

Wow! Thanks you lot. I have plenty to be getting on with there. I’m wondering whether I just need a better sink/fan for the processor because the PC has been known to freeze on heavy usage. I’m pretty certain now that it is more likely to be my PC rather than the drive. Watch this space!..

Well I messed around with the UDMA settings. They were previously at UDMA 2 and the PC crashed. Now they are at 4 the burn process still fails but the PC doesn’t crash. Any more clues?

Sounds like progress to me.
Could you please post a burning log?

Ok. Work this one out! I changed the UDMA4 to PIO mode and it works fine now writing at x2 and x4. I don’t know what PIO mode is but it seems to have done the job! Weird. Anyone interested in buy 1 dozen coasters? :clap:

Is it really in PIO mode and which one? Can you find out that maybe?

It just says PIO Mode. The CDRW is still in UDMA 2. Have I re-invented the wheel or something?

The thing is, AFAIK, in PIO mode tha max. writing speed for DVD-R is 2x, for DVD+R 2.4x.

OK, it works in PIO mode but the outcome is surely not that satisfying… too slow.

You’ve already tried unplugging the CD-RW drive?