DVR-110D and DPM Measurement

A while ago I added a DVR-110D to my rig because my previous drive (a Lite-On of some kind) had ceased to create working discs. Unfortunately, the new drive doesn’t want to read DPM in Alcohol 120% or do a ScanDisc in Nero CD-DVD Speed. Up until now this has been fine, since I’ve been using the old Lite-On to do it, but I’ve now got to remove it to free up another IDE channel. Is there some hack I can use to make my 110D read DPM? I’m using offiical firmware 1.41 if that makes any difference.

Trevaaar -

Below is a posting from the Alcohol Support Forum ->


Pfft, this is just brilliant. I haven’t tried doing any of this stuff for a month, and now that I try it again everything works fine as if there’d never been a problem.