DVR-110D 8x media compatibility?



Just got a 110D, and using Nero Enterprise edition. I have two lots of 8x DVD-R media, which are recognised by nero info tool as

OPTODISCR008 (samsung pleomax 8x)
RITEKG05 (printable surface)

The same batch of G05’s were recognised in a 109, with Nero as 12x capable, and did successfully write at that speed

The bugbear is that nero will only let me write at 4x with the 110D.

Is there anything i can do, like try a newer version of Nero (if there is one), or is this a firmware thing, and i’ll have to wait for the next release to see if that sorts it?.

Just a bit disappointed right now, as this is supposed to be an upgrade from a 4x 106.




just borrowed an 8x DVD+R disk and Nero gives it a 12x rating


Which is fine, but my domestic panasonic player prefers -R’s

Found a later version of Nero - - is this likely to make any difference?


It’s firmware related, the 110 is still very new on the market, so not all media is supported at the moment, but funny that ritek isn’t supported … lets hope a new firmware is just around the corner.


I have G-05 ritek printable with a pioneer 106-RD and can´t verify with dvd decrypter the disc burner at 1X but yes can verify at 2X perfect


Of course!


thanks for helping me out :slight_smile:


NP with 8x writing on Ritek G05 on my Pioneer 110D