DVR-110 / nero 8 / invalid block address error

so I’ve already made 3 coasters…

I keep getting this error right at the start of the burn. Can anyone help?? :frowning:

anyone?? it’s still happening off and on… the coaster count is up to 6 now, but some burns have completed successfully in between.

is my drive dying?

@ atomicrabbit,

Perchance do you have any Virtual Drive software program(s) similar to Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools installed on your Computer – if so complexly and thoroughly remove from your Computer reboot and attempt another Burn.


Hi atomicrabbit:

There is an update to the version of Nero you are using. Below is the link to the update as well as a link to the Nero 8 Clean Remover Tool. Some users find it is better to remove the current version first before updating. Save your serial number. While it is possible to retrieve it later, it is easier to make sure it is readily accessible .

If bjkg’s and my suggestions do not solve your problem, you might want to try another burning program to eliminate Nero. Please post back and let us know the results.

is there a way to efficiently test if a drive is dead (other than trial and error).

I’ve been using a program called IsoPuzzle to recover some data off a scratched dvd and i think it really stressed the drive (it was working for 51hrs straight with time to cool ever 20 minutes or whenever it got too hot).

I think my drive may be dead because of how much that program was working on the drive.

Have you tried without CD-Text?

it was definitely the drive… it died. I got a new one and all works fine.

In the future, is there a more definite way of testing if a drive is dying or going to die soon, other than guess and check?

@ atomicrabbit,

There are diagnostic software utility programs similar to PassMark BurnInTest ( that rigorously and thoroughly test your entire computer’s hardware components to determine if particular a hardware component could be marginally performing and might have an impending failure.

Your experience with the ISOPuzzel software program should have revealed to you that your Pioneer DVR-110 was not functioning correctly. If a DVD Burner is functioning correctly it should never get “Too Hot”.