DVR-110 firmware help

Howdy…I’m new and know very little about DVD firmwares.

I have a DVR-110 but I’m not sure what firmware it originally had.

I was in DVDInfoPro and I wanted to change the bitsetting type to DVD-ROM for +RW burns (so I could backup XBXO360 games). I was reading a tutorial and it said to click on the ‘+RW’ icon…however an error occurred saying ‘Pioneer drives do not support bitsetting’.

So I did some research and came across the Buffalo 8.37 firmware for DVR-110 drives. I flashed the drive with this firmware however the same error occurs in DVDInfoPro - ‘Pioneer drives do not support bitsetting’. After doing some more reading, I came to the conclusion that the bitsetting will be set to DVD-ROM for DVD+RW and DVD+RW DL burns automatically. I have not had a chance to make a backup of an XBOX360 game yet.

I wanted to flash the drive to official Pioneer 1.41 just to check I hadn’t stuffed the drive. So I tried to run the auto flasher but I received an error:

‘Available target was not found’

I tried with 1.37 and the same error occurred.

I just wanted to check that

a) Have I stuffed the drive?
b) Do I need to flash it back to the official Pioneer firmware or does the 8.37 Buffalo firmware work fine?


You cannot set +RW booktype, +R is autoset to DVD-ROM by the fw