DVR-110 - DMA-Driver Error

Using Nero
Pioneer DVR-110 (1.37 firmware)
Verbatim 8x (Taiyo Yuden)

Just bought the 110 to replace the 106, same ide channels, cables, software etc… but i get a DMA-Driver error whenever i start the burning process.

Any information needed?

Or any ideas what’s up

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Maybe after you uninstalled the old drive windows try to search it also if now there is a new drive.

Try to uninstall IDE drivers and reinstall (better if microsoft ones); this should solve

Ok i went to device manager, uninstalled, restarted and it found them.

Uninstalled nero 7 and installed nero 6 and i still get it but nero 6 doesnt show it as an error

Burn Process Started
Communication Failure
Writing Short Lead Out

And it writes the short lead out for the whole of the burning process, 10 mins at 4 x

Tried one in the player, it goes to movie menu and when i play one of the movies it doesnt actually play anything

Maybe a faulty drive?

Can you install the new drive on another computer? In this way you can find if the drive is damaged.

I will try, back in a few mins

Ok it worked in another computer, that may be becuase it was a different file, could be the iso i’m burning?

Well i didn’t uninstall drivers either worked straight away.

The burner on this is the master and has it’s own ide channel

Still getting a communication failure error in nero 6 with a load of mp3s :frowning:

Check if jumpers are in the right position on the other computer.

Or maybe cables were damaged during installation of the new drive.

Or maybe IDE slot on mainboard is damaged :frowning:

I don’t think that ISO files or other file types can do any difference.

The jumpers are the same position, not sure about a damaged cable, im hoping motherboard ide slot it fine :expressionless:

the simplest thing to test is IDE cable. Try to use that of second computer

Yes doing that as i type, it seems to be burning ok, burned no problems actually :smiley:

How did i manage to damage ide cable

Try to use round cable; are easier to manage and more difficult to damage :wink:

I swapped to rounded cables a year ago :slight_smile:

Bought a new akasa round cable, burning seems to be going ok but i am using

Verbatim DVD-R 8x (Taiyo Yuden)

Nero 6 and Nero 7 seemed to give the option of burning at 12x, why is this if its an 8x disk?

Certain high quality media can be burned at higher speeds.

Was your old IDE cable a 40 conductor? (that would have been the problem, the pioneer 110 requires an 80 conductor ide cable).

Yeah judging by density it’s 40. I didn’t think of that till much later