DVR 110(D) stopped recognizing CDs


2 days ago I realized, that my DVR110D couldn’t detect or burn any CDs (blanks, written or pressed ones). Although there was no problem reading or writing DVDs. I can’t say when this started, because I don’t burn CDs very often these days and read them usually with the DVDROM-device (106). Could be for days or even for months … no clue.
Since I bought the device, I did all the firmware-updates, so I thought perhaps there went sth wrong (I found sth similar in another forum)… so I got a new 110 1.39 firmware and the DVRFlash 2.2 and crossflashed this time. Now I’ve got a DVR 110 instead of the 110D but still, it can’t handle CDs.
Its the same behaviour in Linux and Windows … I checked the cables and found sth in the Bios about DMA 66 and don’t know what to check now … I’m afraid its broken …
any better ideas?

thanks in advance

Test it in another computer to be sure.

Hi .

I checked it in another computer … same problem!
Did anyone ever hear of such a behaviour?
I could backtrack my problem it now to the last firmware-update: before the upgrade from 1.37 to 1.39 it worked fine with the CDs … I used the official Firmware from Pioneer: DVR110D_FW139EU.EXE

is there anything I can do? Cleaning the lense or sth … :slight_smile:

And another question:
How does pioneer handles guarantee and upgraded firmware? And if I use DVRFlash to flash it back to 110D … is there a chance for pioneer to see all the upgrades that were performed?


Don’t flash anything to the drive, just RMA the drive.

But before you do that, one question: Is the drive running in UDMA4 mode?

hdparm states udma4 and in the bios I can read dma 66 … so I think that’s not the problem!?

Do you think I can RMA a cross-flashed drive? I would flash it back first, wouldn’t you?

Here I found sth similar:

… so its probably a hardware-failure and hopefully Pioneer would send me a new one … hehe

thanks for your time chef

If you look at the SPV website there are a few people who mentioned that that is the first thing to go on, the cd reading. that problem associated with Pio drives?

now you got me :slight_smile:
I don’t know SPV unless you mean and I don’t now what pio-drives are.
But as I understand you right, you’re also thinking I should send it back?!

Pio drive = Pioneer drive, and SPV = an on line retailer in the UK;

And yes i would DEFINETLY send that sucker back. :iagree: is a music distributor. :wink: