DVR-109XLB - Riplock as standard?

I’ve ordered the DVR-109XLB as I’ve heard it’s not that noisy and also has great read performance (I have an ND3540A for writing). I know the 109XL is very fast, but is that “out of the box” or do is there riplock present that needs removing first? If so, where is the best firmware for removing it?

Thanks in advance guys!

The 109XL (a.k.a. PIO_ADV or A09) is not riplocked. On a PC there is a Quiet Drive Utility that can be downloaded from the Pioneer site (if it didn’t come with the drive). Using it to select the Performance setting will unlock ripping apeed—but most likely it is not rip-locked.

great, and thanks for the prompt reply.

my drive had no rip lock on from the box, so you should be able to bypass using the quite drive utility