DVR-109XLB + Buffalo


Am I right in thinking that if I flash my DVR-109XLB with the buffalo 8.40 fw and kernal I will

Gain : Auto bitset dvd+r
rip Lock

Lose: Quietdrive
No Riplock

Its the rip lock I am wondering about, does that depend on the FW or hardware.


p.s. for those of you in the uk i ordered a oem dvr-109 from and was sent a DVR-109XLB when I was just expecting a dvr-109B. I don’t know if this was a mistake or not but my friend has also ordered one so we will see in a day or so. Maybe they are sending out XLB drives ???

If you searched the forum you would have found your answer very quickly… it has been discussed many many times…

Buffalo firmware = auto bitsetting for dvd+r and DL+R, Rip lock

If you want no riplock stay with the XL firmware

hopefully soon someone can mod the buffalo firmware so we can get no riplock plus bitsetting and possibly even region free. After that the 109 is a perfect drive. I have had no issues with mine at all however I still think my 108 is a tad better with the 109 in its current state.