my DVR-109 was working fine for a few months and then all of a sudden it couldnt be read be nero or any other programs. when i open a cd writing program and start to burn and put in a disc it would freeze up until i pressed he eject button manually then the program will continue.
i further upgraded the firmware to 1.57 and worked fine for 2 days and then it started to happeen again. then i upgrade the newest to 1.58 it doesnt work at all. when i put in a disc it spins really loud. right now i cant open my cd drive with a data disc in it and freezes up all the time. if someone can explain what i might need to do to fix it it would be much appreciated.


Replace the IDE cable first, then try again.

The 109 has to be connected using an 80 conductor IDE cable and run in UDMA4 mode.


how come if my pioneer dvr-109 is connected on Secondary Master: Multi-Word DMA, formality 2, while if connected on Primary Slave: Modalità Ultra DMA?


udma4 mode? how do i set it at that mode?


Get a 80 wire cable!!!


That I am using



I have done in this way, but continuous to give me Multi-Word DMA, modalità 2.
If I connect it to the primary Slave she is planned in Ultra DMA.

PS:sorry for my English


Then replace the IDE cable with a NEW one.


I have also done that


What UDMA mode on Secondary Master?


On the bios UDMA 4 (ATA/66)


This is correct, so the drive is not the issue here.


How can I do?


Some secondary masters do not support UMDA4! Also some slaves do not support UMDA4! 2 is ok! 109 likes to be a primary master on some systems! Flash your BIOS and do a bios setup check!