"DVR-109 XLA" What is it?

Is it just a DVR-109 with a fancy fascia? Or is there more to it than that?



BTW, likewise the DVR-109 XLS and DVR-109 XLB.

Overclockers (uk) are selling them and I have no idea what they are. Should I be tempted?


They represent different colored cases:
BK= Black
and there’s a beige, but I forget its nomenclature.
For some reason the different colors ae often sold at a different price. For example, here in the states at Best Buy stores the black version is sold with a $30 rebate. But the silver version has a $50 rebate.
The Pioneer 109 also has a sibling, the A09, which sports a firmware with faster ripping speed and quieter playing for music and DVDs. It is sold as a boxed retail unit with PC software included; while the 109 is sold as an OEM drive (no software).

So what’s the “XL” all about?

The 109XL is the OEM version of the A09 - I bought my black one about 2 months ago.

It has the nicer, IMHO, fascia and has no rip lock and get use the QuietDrive Utility straight out of the box.

There’s also a DVR-A09XL, which is the retail boxed version that is sold at Best Buy. A friend picked one up this weekend and it has firmware 1.15 on it—which is not in the 109 family numbering of 1.05>1.09>1.17>1.40. I’m not sure if that the current firmware for this drive of if it could use the 1.40 firmware.

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When I bought my DVR-109 I was told this was the oem version ie: drive only with no frills & plain face
The DVR-109 XLA is the full retail version c/w s/w & fancy face
For latest f/w see
PS: I think f/w 1.15 is some kind of oem type ( it’s equivilant being 1.05 ) just use the link to guide you

I am using firmware 1.50.

As I understand it, the complete XL features are:

  1. The most obvious is the fancy faceplate
  2. The honeycomb pressing in the top of the case, for greater rigidity
  3. The “XL” firmware (though the software id is not changed), enablling the use of the Quietdrive utility to control speed (this feature can be hacked onto a plain 109).
  4. Possible internal alterations for quieter operation.

NB. There is no such thing as an A09 or an XL as far as Windows and writer software is concerned, all variants identify as DVR-109, so that a only a single entry is required for software to support them.

Mathh is spot on with all points of the xl drives and what they have over the plain 109

And the XL drives ship with a CD of software.

Not the 109XL, as it’s OEM.

I was thinking A09XL.

So now I’m a bit confused. Is there an A)( that is not XL? Also I thought the OEM drives were all 109 without XL atached. I’ve never seen a 109XL for sale, usually just the 109 in various color’s. And the A09 as the retail version.

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To overcome any diference re XL / oem try this

So according to this review (which is interesting reading) there is only the DVR-109 and the A09XL. There seems to be no 109XL.

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Since that review another batch of Pioneer drive’s shipped over
As the first batch had let’s say teething problems it’s possible they’ve added the XL to distance the 2nd from the 1st ( I don’t know, this is just speculation )
Just found this

The discription of the drive below, from the link above, seems to match the A09XL here in America.

Pioneer DVR-109XLA 16 x 16 DVD±RW Dual Layer ReWriter - (Limited Edition Beige) OEM (CD-028-PO)
The DVR-109 can write 4.7GB of data to write-once media in seven minutes on either DVD-R or +R media, complemented by the capability to store up to 8.5GB on Dual/Double Layer discs. The product is ideal for a wide range of applications including the authoring, editing and storing of video files*, developing digital music catalogues, building image libraries and backing up data. It is among the first drives to offer 16X write speeds on DVD-R in line with the October approval of the speed enhancement to DVD-R by the DVD Forum.

  • 4X DVD+R DL Double Layer burning
  • 16X max. DVD+R/-R burning
  • 8X max. DVD+RW/-RW burning
  • 48X max. CD-R & 24X max. CD-RW burning
  • QuietDrive Technology (includes honeycomb chassis)

109(BK): No software, no fancy faceplate, no Pioneer logo, no QuietDrive support. BK is the black versions. Runs with regular 109 FW.
109XL(A,B,S): No SW, fancy faceplate but without Pioneer logo. QuietDrive support so runs with XL FW. “A” is beige, “B” is black, “S” is silver.
A09XL(A,B,S): SW bundle and Pioneer logo in addition to the 109XL drives.
A09 plain: I’ve never seen such drive, but theoretically it’s possible. :bigsmile: