Dvr 109 very warm



Just bought a 109 to replace my 107 which died. Its working fine, but gets very very warm… a problem I’ve never had before with any other dvd writer. I have latest firmware, (don’t have the quiet drive utility thing, dont know if that matters.)

Any ideas? It gets extremely warm while burning and even when it just plays dvds, when I take disks out of it they are just as warm.


:frowning: Yeah, it gets hot… that’s one of the drawbacks of the 109, mentioned by the way in the review at CDFreaks… :frowning:

This is a serious problem as I noticed that burns and scans performed while the drive is hot are of lesser quality. :a - no surprise as warm discs tend to warp.

I had to re-arrange the drives in my case so that the 109 gets free space at the bottom and the top. Now it’s working nicely and the discs do’nt get hot as they used to :slight_smile:



Three weeks ago the weather was very warm here, and I hadn’t yet re-arranged my PC case for the 109. I burned 16 discs in a row and they got very, very warm.

I scanned these discs just after the burn and they were not great but OK.

This thread rang a bell, so I re-scanned some of these discs yesterday, and to my dismay I discovered these discs have badly deteriorated! Ouch!

Same discs from the same batch burned at other times, and that didn’t get hot, give perfectly normal scans (and btw scanned better to start with…). Discs involved were Traxdatas G04 and Verbatims MCC 02RG20, the latter being somewhat less affected (not a surprise to me).

My conclusion: unless one gives plenty of room to the 109 so to avoid overheating, there is a risk that discs won’t have a normal lifespan…


oh man don’t get me worrying about this now too…


Hi cantankerous :slight_smile:

Well, maybe it’s a coincidence and I’m just being alarmist. But I think it wouldn’t hurt that 109 owners make sure their drive has enough room to avoid overheating of the discs…


thanks guys for you reply. I guess I’ll just have to live with it then. I thought it was just mine playing up, clearly not. Wish I had known this before I bought it, but what can you do!


“Wish I had known this before I bought it”

Before your next purchase, read the reviews at CDFreaks :wink: - this temperature issue with the 109 was mentioned…


I’m sure there are other components in most computers which will absorb more heat than such an 109. :wink:


yea I noticed it was hot as well but never did check the quality of my discs AFTER they were recorded on a seperate day for degredation.


A disc will get warm in any drive. As long as the 109 has enough free room this shouldn’t be a concern.

My degradating discs are all from the same day when:

  1. Room temperature was over C 35°
  2. The Pioneer was mounted between an EWS88MT converter extension (that gets hot even when idle) and a HD.

But the Pioneer still gives me trouble with DVDInfopro scans when hot from long use. Same discs scanned when the drive is cool sometimes show half the PIE… LOL - I’m mostly scanning with my Benq now (anyway it’s more reliable for scanning ;)).


The Pioneer drives just don’t scan well. Any drive influenced so much by temperature, of all things, during a scan shouldn’t be relied upon for repeatable results.
Use a transfer rate scan (Nero or DVDInfoPro’s CD/DVD speed) to test a disc. Or buy a Lite-On drive (preferably a writer, but any of their readers are more reliable than the Pioneer) if you absolutely have to scan PI/PIF. Remember that any scan isn’t the actual condition of the disc… it’s how well THAT PARTICULAR DRIVE perceives/reads the disc. Results will vary by make/model.
Summary: Don’t worry so much about PI/PIF scans if the transfer rate scans in a few drives are near perfect (which with a Pioneer they should be).

Best of Luck,


“Any drive influenced so much by temperature”
:iagree: Definitly true with the 109.

“Summary: Don’t worry so much about PI/PIF scans if the transfer rate scans in a few drives are near perfect (which with a Pioneer they should be).”

Ahem… except that EVEN transfert rate tests go nuts when my 109 is hot from long use. :eek: -

My Benq 1620 being as reliable as a mad cow, I just replaced it with a NEC 3540 and I must say I’m impressed with its scanning abilities.

Still the 109 has a better DVDR writing quality… aargh you can never have the best of both worlds in a single piece of hardware :a - always need 2 drives at least for the DVD geek! :bigsmile:


I’m sorry. What I meant to say is that reliable scans of media BURNED on a Pioneer drive should be excellent… not scans using a Pioneer drive should be excellent (in line with my comment on temperature affecting scans, etc). An example would be scanning a TYG02 disc burned on a 109 in a Lite-On writer.



"What I meant to say is… "

Aahhh, OK :iagree:


I only noticed the heat with a two stack of burners and lots of burns. I will heed your advice and just burn 3 at a time and be happy!