[DVR-109]too high PI/PO even on good media

look there…

the tdk was written at 4x with alcohol

the fuji was written at 4x with recordNOW 4.5+hacked dll as described in the other thread

i wrote also a verbatim dvd+r(MCC003) at 8x with recordNOW and i obtained a pi/po scan worst than the two above…and other fuji’s at 4x and 8x with nero, same results as above.

i looked in the media test section and saw totally different scans, so i think media is good enough

the 109 is in UDMA 4, fw 1.17, no crap processes going on while burning, no virus, no malware, both hd in UDMA 5…

what can i do more?
should i return this damned drive to the seller? is dvdinfo faking the results? should i stick to buffalo’s firmware? should i stick to NEC?

looks like you also tested the medias with the same drive.

though im not that quite familiar regarding PI/PO test procedures, but by reading through the forum they are saying that its better that you test your burns with another drive. recommendations are Liteon or Plextor drives. :smiley:

I’ve the same burner, and had the same results scanning the disc on 109, then I’ve put the disc on my pioneer 105 and find that the scan on the piooner 109 are wrong, that’s perhaps due to a still experimental scan on the 109, since the reading curve is perfect when I do it with nero cd speed on the same drive

ok, perhaps the drive has problems handling the PI/PO scan, but what about those transfer rate tests?

tdk -r written @4x(the test ended prematurely because of an error, and the crc check of dvdinfopro showed me that there was no problem at all)

verbatim +r written @8x

fujifilm03 -r written@4x

these graphs have redefined the word “raw”…

got ideas?

Definitely a bad unit! RMA is advisable.

i was wondering so too…

anyone else?