DVR-109 to XL? Procedure please



I just read carl’s tutorial on how to upgrade the DVR-109 to the XL mode and it made absolutely zero sense.

I checked the files and have no clue which rev I need (A09? A08?) and which folder to get it from (Buffalo, XL, Standard) ?

Do I use the official 1.5 firmware upgrade first?
What is the purpose of the quiet drive utility?


Try here:

Opps. I guess you started there. Anyway. You need the firmware and kernal file from A09 firmware in the same directory as the utility needed to update (DVRupdate). Then you run the utility, and add in the kernal and normal files. Do not select ‘Fix Mode’, that is if there was a problem with a prior flash. Just hit the tab and it will identify the correct files. Make SURE you have identified your drive and hit start. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The quiet drive utility slows down the read. You won’t use this as it defeats the purpose of the crossflash. You just use it to confirm that the flash worked as there will be no change in the drive ID.

You get the files from the PIONEER/DVR-109/Enhanced_XL directory.

Your questions indicate that you really don’t have the degree of familiarity to try this on your own. If I were you, I would just upgrade to the standard 109 1.50 firmware and do a lot more reading before you try it. The only significant difference is the rip speed and you can live with slower rips until you know more about what you are doing and the risks you are taking.


I just reflashed my DVD-ROM drives and the CD-RW drive I have, and I’ve been flashing the ROM for my calculator, mobo BIOS’s, car’s PCM, etc…

I was confused by the procedures because there’s no structure to the tutorial and there are a lot of the same files in each folder.

Are you saying to get the A09 kernel and firmware from the Enhanced XL directory?
So the version that you download would have to correspond to the current firmware revision of the drive? i.e. 1.16, 1.40, 1.50 …
Then run DVRUpdate but not in the Fix mode?

Thanks for the explanation on the XL mode.


Yes, get 1.50 from the XL dir. There are three files, one is the updater which you will ignore. The other is the firmware and the kernel.


Sounds a liitle more involved than a bin flash for my NECs!


Hey Metroplex! let me know how it goes! I will flash mine this weekend. Should have my 109 by Thurs. I understand that if we do this it is like RP removed. Cool.
PS! We can not live with slower rip speeds! Life as we know it would come to an end! LOL