DVR-109 rip speed



Is there any rpc1 firmware for DVR-109 which increases the rip speed too?


You could crossflash to/with A09 firmware. :wink:


Is this one ok to try?


Yes, then also use the Quietdrive Util.


Thank you for your helpful response. . .
Is Quietdrive necessary for increasing rip speed? Is it not only for decreasing speed?
If I need it to increase rip speed, where can I find it?


Crossflash at the site above to a A09 FW and you will have all the speed you need!


Thanks a lot! No need Quiet drive then?. . . .


I’m sorry to ask maybe for you such a silly question but how do I perform a crossflash?
Currently I have flashed my DVR-109 with TDB:s rpc1_1.58 patched firmware.
I have to replace some files in the A09 FW and/or should I use Flash 2.2?
Please bear with my lack of experience, I will learn from you. . .


Please run DVRFlash with option -v and post the output here.


Thank you both etp and chef, my DVR-109 is now ripping nicely same as my DVR-108 and they are rpc1 so I’m very content! I used DVRupdate 0.9 + A09_158/rpc1 + Quietdrive.
Nice weekend to you both!