DVR-109 OEM for backing up DL to play on xbox?



I have a lot of expensive DVDs (mostly seasons of shows), and we have animals and parties at my house. As such I’d like to make duplicates of my DVDs without compressing the data. The DL burner I’m looking at is the Pioneer 109 OEM from newegg.


  1. My xbox has a Samsung drive and I have read if it has the DVD+R bit set then it won’t read, but if it set as DVD-ROM it will. How would I go about setting that?

  2. I have a DVD-ROM drive in my laptop already–if that is hooked up at the same time as the DVD burner, can I just backup the DVDs directly or do I have to copy to the HD first? I ask because my HD only has about 5.5GB free.

  3. What software would everyone recommend to make DL backups? I’m running Windows 2000.

Thank you!


I have a laptop too and I have a A09XL(retail version of the 109).

  1. There is a program out that will allow you to use the buffalo firmware which enables auto bitsetting to DVD+R. So you could try that.

  2. I believe that your dvd-rom drive in your laptop won’t be fast enough to burn on the fly. The reader needs to be at least twice the speed. So if you are burning at 8x you need a 16x reader. But laptop drives are not usually that fast. So you would have to copy it to the harddrive first.

  3. Use Dvd decrypter or Nero 6. They both should work fine.


Buy a new harddisk first.


chef is correct. Upgrade your laptop’s HDD. You could pick up a Hitachi 60 GB 7200 RPM laptop drive for under $150 now. Blazing fast and plenty big. :slight_smile:


I just bought a new hard drive for my laptop and xbox back in December, don’t feel like doing that again. For now I’m think I’m going to hold off because I’ve got roughly 60+ hours/week of school and don’t need a new toy to distract me.