DVR 109 not recognized by bios


I’ve got a serious problem with DVR 109 firmware 1.17 connected as MASTER (jumper on position 1) on an 80 wire IDE CABLE together with ASUS DVD E616P2 (firmware 1.07) configured as SLAVE on a 915 Intel based motherboard ASUS P5GD1 PRO (with bios 1005, latest official available). Asus DVD reader and Pioneer DVD Writer are both UDMA 100

Motherboard has just one IDE connector; hdd is connected to SATA.

On the first boot (cold boot), bios detect Pioneer DVR and Asus DVD…just a few reboot or waiting a few minutes and Pioneer is detected no more…disappear from bios autodetect…while Asus is still there as slave working great. I noticed that sometimes Windows slow down drammatically on drive ACCESS (no task is taking 100% cpu)…just after this rebootin machine makes Pioneer disappear from bios detection.

I left Pioneer alone as the only master without any slave device (no more asus)…but sometimes it disappear again.

Is my DVR 109 a faulty drive or maybe an hard bug or conflict due to the bios?

Any ideas are well accepted.

Sorry for my poor english.

Bye from Italy

It may be the motherboard or the unit. If you have the possibility try the writer in another computer… And by the way, your english is pretty good :wink:

Replace the IDE cable, re-test.

chef is right. I had this exact same problem and replacing the IDE cable fixed it.

First of all, thanks to all of you! In the next few days i’ll test DVR 109 with a new cable 80 wire.
Meanwhile I tested on a different PC mobo; it works great without problem. Btw Asus Taiwan is also inspecting the problem to see if it’s bios releated.
Now I’m sure that DVR 109 works great. In the next few days i will try again with a new ide cable on P5GD1 Pro.

Stay tuned!! I will post there soon

Thanks again

Ide cable REPLACED and problem FIXED!!! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot to all of you for help you provide me!!!

Now I can notice an extreme speed-up using DVR 109 from Pioneer and DVDE616P2 player from Asus.

Btw, DVDE616P2 sometime cannot identify disc inserted (even with new quality media); it starts moving the pick-up forever. I will investigate and wait for a new firmware.

Next, I will take to repair centre cause i’m quite sure that it’s a lense problem; i’ve got a cd reader from Asus last year that made the same problem for a month and then died forever (no more readable discs).

Thanks again for your great help!!!

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nevermind - found answer to my question elsewhere.

Carry on :slight_smile:

Btw, you will find two ide cables with the mobo: one 80 wire (marked as HDD cable) and one 40 wire (marked as cd-rom cable). 80 wire ide cable was a faulty one.


Seems you caught my question before I edited it! Thanks for replying.