Dvr 109 not burning

I bought a dvr109 f/ware vers 1.17 but cant get it to write to any media.It starts the burn but fails shortly into it. the drive has been swopped out but still same probs. Im running XP with nero 6.6 and the drive reads ok.


firstly please could you tell us the media you are using, if its cheap suff then it could be the problem, also i suggest you update the FW to 1.40, also check your DMA settings, and welcome to the forum :), you may want to come take a look at the Pioneer forum.

written many posts about my experience with the pio 109.
here is the story once more - got it from newegg and could not get it to work properly - followed many suggestions from this forum and spent countless hours over a 3 day span implementing various fix possibilities.

The only thing that worked was rma’ing the 109 back to Newegg and getting the nec 3520. hooked the 3520 up and started burning the right way, right away with no futzing around…

it seems that the 109 may still be problematic or maybe you (and me in the past) just got a dud one.

good luck.