DVR-109 Issues

I’m sticking this post in the newb thread to spare myself too much embarrassment :slight_smile:

I have a Pioneer DVR-109 Drive in a relatively new Sony Vaio. I’m trying to burn a DVD with a video that I’ve put together using Sony’s “Click to DVD” software. Here’s my wierd (to me) issue:

When I insert a blank disc (CD or DVD) into my drive, and double click on the drive in My Computer, it says “D:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function.” I’ve never noticed this problem before, because I’ve always used Sonic’s “Record Now” software to burn my CD’s and DVD’s and it works fine! “Click to DVD” from Sony won’t burn my DVD and I think it’s because Windows won’t recognize that I’ve inserted a blank DVD (I’ve tried -R and +R) disc… but “Record Now” will. :confused:

The drive plays audio CD’s and lets me view DVD’s just fine. Bottom line: How can I resolve my issues with Windows not recognizing or accessing my blank DVD’s? I have already used DVRupdate_v0.9 to update the firmware to version 1.58.

Thank you for your help!!

carleton10 I had problems with click to DVD too. Finally thru it out and started using
nero & mydvd.

Windooze has no support for BLANK DVD media!

Use a proper burning app for burning.