DVR-109 Firmware V1.09



V1.09 of the firmware is apparently out for the DVR-109 and DVR-A09, see

(I haven’t d/l’ed it yet waiting for my A09XL to turn up)


Pioneer are on the ball! Keep those updates coming…


MCC004 still only can @12x with v1.09 F.W.


Have u done any scans on MCC004?


Well, one thing that fw 1.09 DOES fix is the 40X CAV CD-R burning, my Verbatim CD-R’s now burn properly.

DVD-R discs burnt with fw 1.05 and fw 1.09 are unreadable in Liteon 167 series DVD-Rom :confused::confused::confused:


:o , do they read in your other drives?


Why!?!? :sad:


Yes they read perfectly well in my Pioneer 107, 108, 109, my Benq 1620 and LG 4163, my LG DR4812W(DV recorder) and LG DV8621P DVD player.

Just not recognised by Liteon SOHD 167T drive with 9S19 firmware.

DVD+R discs burnt with Pio 109 are readable in the same drive.

Oh, BTW, there’s no need for smart-arse comments, just because you’re a moderator. :stuck_out_tongue:


there is no WHY. it is what the f/w so far supports. :frowning:


Same problem with my Liteon 166.


Pretty strange incompatibility there Jack. Maybe the next 166/167T firmwares will fix this…


I think may be the next PIONEER A09/DVR-109 firmware will fix it.


Perhaps -R Lead In is screwed with the new firmware… I can’t test or look at it since I’m away from home for a while…It would not be the first time -R Lead In was not properly handled by a burners firmware (LiteOn, NU, among others).


My liteon 166S with FW DS1E can read them very well.


If many are having problems with -R, I will wait til the next firmware comes out. I still got my trusty DVR-A08XL, and, besides, I don’t burn many disks. It’s more a hobby than anything. DVD-R is great for HDD backups and backing up anything that won’t fit on a CD-R, etc. Hopfully Pioneer will have yet another firmware out soon. (and full support for all known 16X media, too) :iagree:


I have just installed a pioneer DVR 109 and after burning one DVD-R (CMC MAG AE1) with the supplied firmware (v1.01 @8x) which was the max for that media using that firmware, I updated the f/ware to version 1.09 using file “DVR109 FW109EU.EXE”.
Now I cannot seem to burn these disks at all!! The last three have reached 3%, 4% & 7% before the drives burning lite goes out and it hangs. I have to do a ‘reset’ not ‘restart’ to get the tray open(using the eject hole didn’t work either) as with the semi-burnt disk in it my pc just hangs.
Is it possible to now install version 1.05?
I notice that the firmware for the A09 has a different file name. Is it possible to to try this version - DVRA109_FW109 or the 1.05 version of this FW to try to get this drive burning again?
I have successfully burnt a DVD-RW(Ritek W01) since the upgrade.
Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
System is XP Pro with barton 2500…
Thanks, Zanie


It can read all -R media except burnt by DVR-109(v1.09), even I use
DS1C or DS1E firmware.


DVRFlash doesn’t support the drive yet so you cannot go back to an earlier firmware.


Thanks for the reply chef.
Further to my last post I have been able to use Nero Cd speed to ‘burn’ a data disk, although not sure exactly what data this test burns, but the burn at max, as you can see is pretty good. :smiley:
However when burning an actual DVD backup using Nero 6601 once again it craps out - only gets to 1% this time. :a
As stated earlier it might be a lead in issue with this 1.09 firmware.
So now I have a drive that gives good ‘simulated’ burns but in real life is, well to put it mildly, a piece of useless cr*p.
I guess it’s back to burning +R with the Liteon… :frowning:


Try upgrading Nero to the latest ( and see what happens.