Dvr-109 firmware headache

hi there, i upgraded my firmware on my dvr-109 using dangerous brothers rpc1 ‘experimental’ fw (so i have, of course, dug my own hole here) and now my drive is more or less unusable. CDs and DVDs will read and show up in explorer but seem to run very very slowly (ie. you can read it, but if you want to get stuff of off, say, a CD, you have to copy one file at a time, and even then it will usually tell you theres an IO error) Is there a way to revert to a previous firmware, or am i just going to have to wait until a new, less experimental fw is released and hope that fixes it? Any other ideas?

Force-load the official 1.58 firmware, using DVRupdate 0.9 (or maybe DVRflash 2.2, if you prefer, though I used DVRupdate when I released mine from slack OEM updates and applied original Pioneer).

Unpack it, chuck DVDRupdate in the same directory, run DVRupdate and it should find just one appropriate file for each of the two entries - job done!