DVR-109 Error codes

I am having all sorts of problems getting my Pioneer DVR-109 to burn dvds.
It doesn’t matter what burning software I use,(Nero,Ones,CopytoDVD) but i can only get to about 9% max written.
Here are the error codes, if somebody could expand on the causes/meanings for me it might help me in not having to do a reformat just to get this drive to do what it’s supposed to do…Burn disks.
Error codes are:
031502-medium error,positioning error detected by read of medium.
052102- Invalid address for write incremental.
020408-Not ready,long write in process.

I have returned the original drive and recieved a new one from Pioneer so it doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue, and have removed Nero and all of it’s registry entries as this caused the same problem for somebody else, but not for me.
I am running Xp pro (SP1), AMD 2500@2GHz with 1 gig ram.HDD is Westerndigital 80G JB version.
Any suggestions explanations greatly appreciated. :confused:

What exactly were u burning, I have the drive and can probably try and burn some dvd’s with nero to see if it flakes out.

Thanks for the reply oj213,
I have tried burning various movie back-ups, mainly music DVDs I have.(Like, Sade, RHCP,Chicago-Live by request,Star wars etc)I doubt if it is the content.I am thinking it is a bad batch of media - I hope - as I am down to half the 50 spindle now with about 95% not getting past 2-7% burn mark.
Looks like I am gonna have to re-format, in the meantime back to the ol faithful R+ Liteon 832.