DVR-109 Dual Layer error



Apologise if this has already been answered in a previous post. I have a DVR-109 with firmware 1.40. I can very happily burn CD-R/RW, and DVD-R/+Rs, but I’m having problems when trying to burn DVD+R DLs. I’ve used two programs (DVD Decrypter and Nero) and tried two makes of discs (Memorex and Verbatim) but I always receive an error, In DVD Decrypter I receive and I/O Error and with Nero I receive an ‘Unable to start burning disc-at-once’. Has anyone encountered this? Any suggestions, even “you wanna replace your drive mate”, would be most appreciated.



Never had such problems with mine.
Check the softwares for available updates.


i dun hav such issues as well if the drive is internally connected.
i faced that similar error message when i connected my DVR109 externally via a Prolific external 1394a casing. so, once i changed it back to internal IDE, it is ok.


I tend to think like chief that it is software related, make sure you use the latest version of nero

What is your setup hardware wise ?


I had just purchased the DVR-A09XL and experienced problems burning Dual Layer DVDs. After waisting 3 perfectly good Maxwell DVD+R DLs I eventually searched some forums and found someone saying the firmware should be updated. Mine brand new burner came with firmware 1.17 and after I updated it to 1.50 I was able to burn the DVD+R DL with no problem under Nero 6.0 using Verbatim DVDs. The first thing I noticed was that I had more DL write speed options even though the Verbatim disk only supported 2.4X.

Here is the Link.,,2076_4273_128163990,00.html

I hope this helps!

Bryan :slight_smile:


On the latest firmwares those verbatim discs can be burned up 6x. I myself burn at 4x only and have no issues on playback/reading of those discs.