DVR 109 Dual Layer Burn Troubles

Hi All,

I just received two DVR 109’s from Newegg and installed one in a PC and one in a Powermac. Both have firmware 1.17.

I went to backup ‘DemonLover’ (6.5gb) using DVDShrink and subsequently burn it to DVD+R DL media using Nero 6.6 Ultra. The media is Verbatim 95014 which is rated for 2.4 to 4x burn speeds. I think Nero burned it at 6x.

The end result is something which my computer will play but my Denon DVD2200 home player will not play more than half way through. Menus do not work properly either.

I have several coasters now, this is starting to get expensive!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

tia, ml

It’s sure worth it to try burning one at 4x or even 2x, so you don’t waste any more… Let us know your results.

And try updating your drives to the latest firmware version which is 1.40.

Thanks for the replies.

I’ll try burning at a lower speed.

I assume that there’s nothing wrong with the Verbatim (95014) media.

The latest firmware that I can find on the Pioneer USA website is 1.17. Can anyone link me to the 1.40 firmware?

Here’s a useful chart

Recommended media:

I don’t know how dependable it is…

HERE you go :smiley:

It may well be that your Denon is not compatible with the DL disk, Especially since your computer play them, You should test with other player, DL are not simple disk and it is quite understandable that some reader can’t deal with them.

I have used the same Verbatim disk and so far they seem to work (Tested for Data only so far)

Why using DVDShrink anyway when you want ot make a copy on a DL???
I would use DVDDecrypter both for reading/ripping and burning…

if you are using shrink you need to make sure you uncheck the box next to “remove layer break”…but decrypter is much better at making dl discs if you use the read/write iso function…in decrypter be sure to let it automatically insert layer break…just my 2 cents


thx for the link and all of your suggestions. I now have dvd decrypter and the 1.4 firmware.

I am very much a newb at this, so I was not aware of dvd decrypter.

I burned one of the Verbatim dual layer blanks after ripping demonlover using DVDDecrypter. The layer transition problem is now fixed and my copy will play all the way through on my Denon DVD2200. It’s good to know (or assume) that my DVR109 is not the source of my problems so far.

I still have one problem though and that is that anytime I select an item from the top menu (scenes, audio setup, etc) it skips through the subsequent pages and starts the movie without any further input from me. Any way to fix this?

Using the read/write ISO function in DVD Decrypter is definitely the way to go for burning dual layer discs. This method resolved all remaining issues with my Denon DVD2200 home player.

Thanks! :slight_smile: