DVR-109: Can't burn RICOHJPN and TY media @ 8x

Ok… I just upgraded from an NEC ND-2500A, a fairly old DVD writer. With herrie’s 1.07 beta, I was able to burn my RICOHJPN02 (Ritek) DVD+R’s and TYG01 (Taiyo Yuden) DVD-R 4x media @ 8x with no problems whatsoever.

There has to be a modified 1.50 firmware for the DVR-109 that allows these discs to be burned @ 8x. :a

Not concerned about rip lock since I use a BTC drive with region free firmware that allows ripping speeds of 10-12MB/sec in some cases. But I would like to burn the rest of my 4x media at 8x before I buy more.

Thanks all.

Pioneer was the wrong choice if you wanted a choice of firmwares. Anything is possible but as far back as I can recall, nobody messed with Pioneer. Possibly the Buffalo firmware might have the media you want at a higher speed but the odds are against you.


Say It Ain’t So Guys :frowning:

If I were you I would swap the TYG01 with someone for some other media. Most of my drives love it but Pioneer 109 does not do the best job even at 4X; the PIF total is very high. I would guess you would be very disappointed with the 8X results.

I could’ve sworn I read that Pioneers had the best writing strategy on the market and you will get flawless burns with any decent media.

I can’t RMA this either, its only thru the manufacturer, and they will never give me my money back.

Looks like this drive is going on eBay. Will a 16X NEC drive burn TYG01 @ 12x?

Pioneer = writes most media @ certified speed. Only a few 8x discs are supported at 12x.

With official firmware I don’t think there is any drives that writes TYG01 at 12x, a few write them at 8x though.

Maybe get some better/newer media :wink:

My NEC 3520 with 1.UF firmware will burn TYG01 up to 12X. I haven’t gone above 8X where the burn is very good. You should keep your Pioneer for reading. With the A09 crossflash it is a very fast a reliable ripper. That’ what mine is used for.

Well, I have no choice as newegg forces me to send it back to the manufacturer. Pioneer will never give me my money back, right? Thanks for the crossflash suggestion, but I won’t be ripping with this drive, I use my AOpen (flashed to hacked BTC firmware) for all of my ripping.

I reallllly should have ordered the NEC. What made me get this drive was 6x DL writing capabilities however. When DL media prices come down that will be a definite plus.

By the way… I’m trying to use the Quiet Drive utility and it says no drives are found! Even though it says right on the page that it is compatible with the DVR-109!

Yep! NEC is a great burner!
PS/ I think the 109 still has a place in my line up!

You have not crossflashed if the quiet drive utility does not show. Check the other threads out!

  1. Once I cross flashed it was a perfect drive.

From the Pioneer 109 forum

Download the 109v1.50 firmware from

Extract the files and delete the Pioneer upgrade (UPGR109.exe). You will be left with 2 files, R9100009.150 & R9100109.150.

Download DVRupdate 0.9 from

Extract DVRupdate 0.9.exe to the same folder as the 2 files above.

Run DVRupdate 0.9 and do the following:

  1. Select your drive from the ‘Device’ drop down box
  2. Select the Kernel file by clicking the folder icon to the right of the ‘Kernel’ field. The correct file will automatically be selected if you have run DVRupdate from the same folder as the R9100009.150 & R9100109.150 files.
  3. Select the Normal file by clicking the folder icon to the right of the ‘Normal’ field. The correct file will automatically be selected if you have run DVRupdate from the same folder as the R9100009.150 & R9100109.150 files.
  4. Click ‘Start’
    The operation takes about a minute. Exit DVRupdate.


NEC 3500 2D
NEC 3450 103C
NEC 3530 1.V1=dead
Plextor 716a 1.07
Aopen 1608/1616 1000
Pioneer 109/A09 150
Two Dell 8400s with SATA HDs

You have to crossflash to the A09XL firmware to get the quiet drive utility to work. Sorry you are stuck. Keep checking firmware, Pioneer used to upgrade quite often and they are bound to get better. BTW, when you buy your next media, Verbatim +R 8X (MCC 003) was the best I scanned with my Pioneer 109 burns.

Love my 109! I think you need to play with it some more.

Ahhh…but you don’t scan. Nothing like a scan to ruin a perfectly playable burn. :wink: When I get my 1693, I’ll sell you my 832S for $20 and then you can see the fun of scans. Sometimes you just don’t want to know the truth. (not you personally, just people in general)

I admit ignorance is bliss! need to start those scans!

If I crossflash, what if Pioneer comes out with better firmware that finally allows RiData 16X media to burn at that speed?

They will offer the same for A09 and you just crossflash again.

It’s not that big of a deal (QuietDrive). I just want faster writing speeds for media that have been proven to be just as reliable when burned to at those speeds. :frowning:


I am using printable ritek GO5 -r 8x discs. my 109 sees them as 12x when burning.

must admit i bought the only 16x discs i could get locally just to play around (ridics 16x +r (CMC MAG) and my 109 refuses to see them as any better than 12x also. if I use dvdinfo etc it says they are 16x but the drive will only support them at 12x