DVR-109 burns aren't very compatible?



Hi, I recently purchased a Pioneer DVR-109 to be my first ever DVD writer, only i’m having some issues…

A friend has in the past burnt me some disks on their Pioneer 108, they always used Datasafe 8x -r disks and my DVD reader read them just fine (Lite-on XJ-HD166S).

I’ve bought a load of the same media, but none of the burns i have done on my Pioneer 109 can be read on the Lite-on drive. It just spins down as soon as it takes a look, as if it can’t make head-nor-tail of the TOC.

This is quite difficult to describe so i’ll summarise. haha.

  • XJ-HD166S can read disks made on a Pioneer 108 but not disks made on my new Pioneer 109.
  • The Pioneer 109 can read its own burns.
  • Media is the same (Datasafe 8x dvd-r)
  • Tried burns done at 4x, 8x and 12x
  • Both data disks done with Nero and DVD-Video disks made with DVD-Shrink have the same issue.
  • I’ve flashed the 109 to v1.09
  • Our Tosh DVD Player STB can play films burnt on the 109 fine.
  • The 109 isn’t very good at dealing with scratched DVD’s (Don’t know if this is relevant).

I cannot test the disk quality with cd-speed as it doesn’t appear to be compatible with the 109 (The start button is either greyed out completely or it says failed to initialise).

So, it appears to me that either my 109 is faulty and isn’t producing quality burns or somehow the burns are not compatible with the 166S even though the 108’s burns were.

This is really annoying because i was originally going to order a 108 but all the online stores had stopped selling it :frowning:

Should i be worried and consider sending the drive back? OR, should i stick with the drive and just put it down to compatibility issues?


Get some other media, a couple different kinds… Ritek or TY (I keep Verbatim, Ritek, and TY on hand now), and try them out just to be sure its the drive. Try using +r media if the 109 supports bitsetting (I’m not familiar with this particular drive). It seems unlikely that the problem would be with the burn if your DVD player is reading it and not the Lite-on drive. Good luck.


I have to agree with Phredrick, only adding this link this is a free very usefull tool, that may help.


I just got rid of my Piodata 108 after only 3 months of use. It decided to stop burning after only 150 copies or so.

I now own a new Plextor 716A and I could not be happier. This machine is true quality, even the way the tray opens and closes denotes quality. And its operation is super quiet and smooth.

My first burn( just over 2 hours worth of data) was read in about 30 minutes and burned in 7 minutes. And this was with an 8x -R blank!!

My advice, dump that Pioneer and buy a Plextor. This is professional grade equipment for the home user. $130 at Best Buy right now with a $30 mail in rebate, $100 net.
Comes with Roxio 7 and other software.