Dvr-109 burning DVD-R DL

Accidently purchased some Ritek DVD-R DL media so wanted to use them up.

The only drive I have with the ability to burn DVD-R DL media is a Pioneer dvr-109. Been burning dvd-r DL fine on this drive. But lately the last couple which were 7.6gb failed to burn at 75% mark. May be due to bad media but not sure as I have burned 7.63gb before this fine.

Also don’t understand why Pioneer released this drive with the ability to burn DVD-R DL media. When the drive lacks the ability to read DVD-R DL media.

Burning the same move to DVD+R DL and it didn’t fail.

Any thoughts on using this drive to burn DVD-R DL?

@ g12345567,

All Ritek Media especially Ritek DL Media has a rich well-documented history of poor manufacture quality. If you desire consistent quality error free results ALL Ritek Media should be avoided (not used).

Suggest obtaining Verbatim DVD-R DL MKM01RD30 or MKM03RD30 Mitsubishi Kagaku Media if you desire obtaining consistent quality error free DVD-R DL results.


Crap media, already discussed here: