Dvr 109 and qtec caddy problems

Bought the 109 on high reccommendation and put into brand new qtec usb 2 caddy. Brill I thought. But running on laptop with 2.4ghz processor has coastered 2 dvds and will not even try and burn dvdrw. Any idea why? Should I take it back as faulty? Any reccomendations. Am running latest nero 6.

It burns 1% and crashes on lead in. Is this common? I am using 4x Onemedia discs and the dvdrw is Packard bell +RW. I wanted the lasted NEC but the shopkeeper told me the pioneer 109 plays everything and he recommended it, and he had a customer in nthe shop who also reommended it. Should I take it back as faulty and just buy the NEC I really wanted after all?


Could be the enclosure some drives and enclosures can be very picky, also onemedia doesnt sound very good try some different media such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim, try dloading cdspeed from and run a speed test on a pressed (shop bought) dvd to see if your drive is atleast reading properly and see what burst rate your getting.

i see you have a desktop aswell try sticking it in the desktop and see if it works then you can rule out if its the drive or enclosure :slight_smile:

Hi there, my friend tried to sort it out. He got it working and I burned 4 dvds yesterday. However, it is refusing to work again today. Think I will take it back to the shop and get my money back. He sold me both items together to work together and it is not good enough. Think I will get money back and buy the NEC I wanted in the first place. I should have kept to my instincts and refused to buy it. NEC has burned many of my onemedia discs with only a couple of coasters before firmware update. The pioneer has coastered at least 4 discs by now. Am very fed up.

Oh well, mankind is always trying to go the way of the slightest resistance…

NEC has burned many of my onemedia discs with only a couple of coasters before firmware update.

NEC support just sucks. Without all the patchers there were already out of biz.