DVR 109 and DVD-R DL

HI there,

totally baffled.
I have on my WIndows XP PC a Pioneer DVR 109 with firmware 1.5.
I can burn everything cd and single DVD and DVD+R DL.
But it will not recognise DVD-R DL. Both when i try to burn with
NERO and another piece of software called Gear Mastering Pro.
However both software mentioned will burn DVD+R DL.

I have changed the burner. Another DVR 109.
The paper that comes with the drives tells me it should write -R DL.
I upgraded the firmware…it came with 1.13.

Nero tells me…disc is not writeable…and then tells me the disc needed for the compilation is a DVDRW or etc…names everything but -DL.
THis is Nero Express btw.

Any advice or ideas on how to tackle this appreciated. Bit lost at ends.


Ok, have sorted that one of my burning apss does not support Dual layer -R.
But does the 109 support Dual layer -R with Nero.

Look here:,,2076_4249_265659628,00.html

This patch adds the ability to write to DVD-R Dual Layer (DL) …