DVR-109 always fails with TDK CD-R80

As the title, my new DVR-109 with 1.17 firmware always fails to burn TDK CD-R80. I tried with a lot of burning software but nothing changed, aldo tried installing the burner on other computers but it’s the same.
With other brand of CD it works, also with DVDs, but it can’t write these TDK cds…
Any ideas…? :bow:


Just sounds like you need to avoid those discs. What ATIP are they anyhow?

Don’t know what ATIP is… maybe this…?
CMC Magnetics 97m26s66f
Dye type 6; Short Strategy (Phthalocyanine)

Yes, that’s it. I guess your 109 just doesn’t like CMC-manufactured CD-Rs. I’m not sure what part of the world you’re in so it’ll be hard to recommend something else.

I used some fine.

IK weet niet wat er met de schijven van TDK Aan de hand is, MAAR krijg telkens melding Schijf vol. Verpakking van 50 stuks Kan DUS de Prullenbak in, wat Een-rotzooi!