DVR-109 16x media compatibility thread

I didn’t notice a thread so I made one. If one has been made just lock this and point me in the right direction, thanks…

Anyway, I’m trying to determine what 16x media really writes at 16x and not 12x. Pioneer really doesn’t have an extensive list for compatible media, I think we can all agree on this.

I want to buy this media:

Features: With Ridata Logo
Packaging: Cake Box

Model #: DRD+4716-RDCB50

Item #: N82E16817132391

Will these discs burn at 16x?

If not, please suggest some media that does… preferably +R. I’m not looking to spend much more than what I posted above.

Furthermore, this would be a great thread to let others know if your 16x media is burning at 16x or not. Might as well post the results from DVD Identifier or whatever prog you use.

I it guess will only burn at 12x ->

I suggest to use Verbatim DVD+R 16x Media. It brings good results.

Its not that cheap like Ritek but if you want good 16x media, use those.

A review of the Samsung says they ID as RITEK - so the Samsung would only do 12x

Wonder what’s in the Memorex 16x, or the Legacy 16x.

Really, trying to go CHEAP, especially for high speed media, is false economy.

Pioneer’s list may not be up to date, but it does represent media they have tested.

I think the issue if getting 16x writing is moot, since it’s only a few minutes difference in speed between 12x and 16x, and I think for most of us the reliability of the burn is more important. So if you want reliability, then slightly more expensive media is the way to go usually.

Have you checked the media reviews at Perhaps someone has tried the Ridata and has the media manufacturer’s code.

Videohelp link

It will burn only @ 12X.

Only SONY, Taiyo Yuden., TDK, Hitachi Maxell and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Verbatim) produced 16X +R media will burn at its rated speed.
Cheaper media (such as CMC Magnetics, Ritke, MBI, etc) are reduced to 12X.

interesting thread

Q) Will verb -R 16* burn at 16x ?